How to personalize my flower arrangement?

We designed a 4-step system to get you involved in the design of your floral arrangement.
STEP 1. Choose a color palette, out of the 8 we have
STEP 2. Choose the size (CH, M, G)
STEP 3. Choose the style (standard or deluxe).
STEP 4. Choose if you want a bouquet or vase.

What is the difference between a standard and deluxe arrangement ?
The difference between these two is that standard flowers are common flowers that we find all year round in the market and deluxe flowers are exotic or seasonal flowers.

Do you make home deliveries ?
Yes, we make shipments in CDMX and EDOMEX. The price depends on the area in which it is delivered.

Can I order flowers for the same day ?
We have 2 delivery schedule windows: Morning (11-15 hrs) and Evening (3-8 hrs). If you place your order in the morning, it can be delivered in the afternoon of the same day. And if you do it in the evening, it can be delivered in the morning of the next day or scheduled for another day. On Saturdays we deliver only in the morning.
How do I know how the arrangement will turn out ?
We do not have a product catalog, each arrangement is unique and special. The design will depend on the flower available. Receiving it will be a beautiful surprise.
In the “Our work” section you can see some arrangements that we have made previously to give you an idea of ​​our style, you can also check our social networks @casaselvamx.
What is the difference between bouquet and vase?

The bouquet is a bouquet and the vase is chosen depending on the style you have chosen. The standard ones are made of molded glass and the deluxe ones are blown glass.

Do you do events ?
Yes, in addition to delivering flowers every day, we do social events and conceptualizations for brands.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to write to us at shop@casaselva.mx.